Underfloor heating Birmingham – options we can offer!

We supply and install Underfloor Heating to Birmingham & The Midlands. Here in Birmingham at Heatwise Southwest Renewables Ltd, we believe Underfloor Heating can be installed into almost any application.

When in a new build we have more scope and can staple the Underfloor Heating pipe straight onto the top of the cellatex insulation, or if we are limeted to height we can put down a layer of multi-foil which will give us the same u-values as such before. A good layer of screed is then layed on top. Usually between 50mm-100mm,the thicker the better! When this slab warms up it will act as a good storage for the heat.

Other options if we have joists are to mulifoil betwwen them and use joist hangers to hang the pipe in place.This is usually best for 1st floor upwards unless you have a block and beam structure when the first way we mentioned is best!

An Underfloor Heating heat deflector plate system is also available although this system we do not chose to do so much we have done it on occasions and can do if this is what you wish to have!

We can also do an infil in timber between the joists and multifoil on top of this structure and we then will clip our pipes to the timber sections…This then can be filled in with a biscuit screed once again to help with heat storage which also comes in handy with thicker floor coverings.

In the case of a retro fit on an existing property in may be easier to do an overlay system which we lay a grooved board over the top of the existing flooring. in such cases we can get away with as little as 25mm in height required for this.

If carpet is to be laid on top we would need to discuss the tog values and specific underlay would need to be laid in place to allow the heat to come through adequately.
If timber flooring is to be laid we would have to discuss again with the thickness etc and other precautions would have to be maid to ensure the floor doesnt get too hot. This is where we would need to add floor sensors.

The underfloor heating we run at a lower temperature, as the heat rises we get to feel a lot more of the heat that would have been lost using radiators, therefor saving us money.

We can do mutiple manifold underfloor heating systems or even just a single room.

Give us a call to discuss your Underfloor Heating requirements – 07958301525
or email -info@heatwisesouthwestrenewables.co.uk

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