Underfloor Heating

Birmingham & The West Midlands Specialist Underfloor Heating Installers.

We at Heatwise Southwest Renewables Ltd can supply and fit Underfloor Heating for whatever your job requirement ,be it a single room in an extension to the whole house or office block, new build or old.

Underfloor Heating works brilliantly with all new renewable technology as heat pumps all run at a much lower temperature ,which is perfect for Underfloor Heating. As Underfloor Heating radiates upwards from the floor not as much heat is wasted as it is felt more, unlike old radiator systems where cold spots occur in rooms and hot spots if your sat too close to a radiator. Underfloor Heating is a more comfortable heat and well worth considering if trying to help save on energy bills.  A wet Underfloor Heating system will allways be more efficient than other electric Underfloor Heating systems.

Underfloor Heating at Red House Barn on a solid floor, showing screed being laid afterwards.



Underfloor heating pipe laid onto multi foil insulation and fixed with clip rails rather than standard insulation and staples can be done if height is an issue when planning your underfloor heating.


Here we have underfloor heating on joists using multi foil again. This application we board in between the joists with ply before stapling multi-foil over the top. The pipe is then laid in-between the joists and the pipes are fixed with nail on clips. Biscuit screed is later added between the joists which will act as a large storage heater slab to retain the heat for longer in the floor.


Underfloor heating on a joisted floor.

Underfloor heating on a joisted floor using unifoil.


This picture shows an overlay underfloor heating system which is mainly used if you don’t want the hassle of stripping all your flooring up. This system simply lays over the top of the floorboards, then your desired floor covering , wood, laminate, tiles or carpet can go straight on top of it.


Underfloor heating is a much more suttle heat as you dont get hot spots or feel cold areas. It is a more consistent heat which is why we think all new builds of today should go for underfloor heating!

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