Heat Recovery Ventilation

We are Birmingham & The West Midlands Heat Recovery Ventilation installers. We reccomend the Villavent systems.

Villavent Heat Recovery Ventilation

Villavent Heat Recovery Ventilatio

Heat Recovery Ventilation recovers 60-70% of the heat normally lost through trickle vents and other breakout points in the building structure. Systems can recover 70% (crossflow) 80% (rotary wheel) or 90% (counterflow).
By installing a Heat Recovery system you are providing filtered fresh air thus creating a healthier indoor environment alleviating allergy sufferers.

Our systems comply with the current Building Regulations 2006 Part F and in Scotland standard 3.14 and therefore no noisy extractor fans or draughty trickle ventilators in windows are required.

By negating the need for trickle ventilators in the windows noise pollution and heat loss is greatly reduced.


We offer to install a wide range of Quiet Heat Recovery Ventilation units that can be sited either in the roof space; above a specialised cooker-hood in the kitchen; at high level in a cupboard or alternatively the unit can be wall mounted.

Ducting connects the stale air exhaust grille to the Heat Recovery Unit and extracts via ducting to all the wet areas of the property. The stale air passes through the cross-flow heat exchanger and 65-70% of the heat normally lost via trickle vents is recovered.

Fresh air is brought into the property via a separate external grille, passes though the heat exchanger and picks up the heat recovered from the stale air.

There is no mixing of air flows – only the transfer of heat.

The warmed fresh air is then ducted to all the habitable rooms within the property.
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