Ground Source Heat Pumps

Birmingham & The West Midlands Ground Source Heat Pump installations.

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) also known as Geo Thermal Heat Pumps use a series of pipes which are buried in the garden (a ground loop) to extract low grade heat from the ground or can be via a borehole if there is limited space.

Other Ground Source Heat Pump options are where we use  a borehole/well/spring  and extract water from the water table via a borehole pump, Once we have extracted our low grade heat we dispose of waste water to a second bore hole (recharge hole) or stream where the grounds water supply is again replenished. This heat we have extracted then passes via a compressor and refrigeration cycle to give us greater heat which can then be used with underfloor heating, fan convectors or a radiator system (if radiators are sized accordingly)  and also your hot water. A Ground Source Heat Pump is an ideal way to provide all year round heat as the heat source is most constant all year round being heated by the sun.

If your looking to go down the Ground Source Heat Pump or Air Source Heat Pump route, then Solar thermal might be another option to consider whilst in the planning stages as this too will bring down the running time of heating your hot water dramatically and will save you money in the long run. See  our Solar page for more info!  This free energy we are harnessing from the sun,the air & the ground is what we call sustainable or renewable energy as its free and replenishes itself.

Ground Source Heat Pumps. 2 Water Furnace Ground Heat Pumps

2 x Water Furnace (GSHP) closed loop

2 x TES (GSHP) open loop

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